Dear travel, hotel and food editors and managers:

Are you searching for a seasoned writer who can captivate your audience and deliver your copy on deadline? A professional who hooks your readers and takes them on an exciting journey from the pages of your magazine or company’s website?

Then you’ve landed on the right page.

I’m a Tampa Bay-based travel and lifestyle writer who uses words and stories to inspire readers–they’ll hear the crashing waves against the jagged shore, taste the minty tang and lime twist of a fresh mojito and smell the pungent aroma of your chef’s secret sauce.

Cruise around the site awhile to learn more about my background or view some work samples. When you’re ready, get in touch to discuss your copy needs.

Great results. On time. High Integrity.

“I hired Stacy to write a series of hotel descriptions for a six-month project to support Priceline’s hotel content marketing efforts. Stacy demonstrated a high level of professionalism, adhered to company style guidelines and consistently delivered well written and well-researched content that required little editing. I would hire Stacy again.”

Donna Marino Wilkins, Priceline Hotel Content Manager